Friday, January 23, 2009

A true story

There once was a baby girl born, just after the year became Spring. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and was not unpleasant to look at. But her mother didn't want her and she was taken away to another place to be cared for. She left the hospital in borrowed clothes and a worn out blanket and didn't even have a name to call her own. She was taken to an orphanage to be left alone, cold and hungry. A bottle was propped in her mouth to feed her, but soon she became to weak to eat and only had an Angel to watch over her and keep her alive. This girl was adopted at the age of two months and her life was saved, but what about the other babies who are unwanted and have nothing to call their loving family, not even a warm blanket. Won't you please make or buy a blanket or an outfit of clothing and donate it to your local hospital and specify it is for a child who has been given away. Somehow, that child will feel the love and know, and that love will come back to you multiplied!


Scarlet said...

Your words have touched my heart. I think I will do exactly that June. What a great idea. The blanket is beautiful. You are one talented lady.


sissie said...

I have a hosp right down the road here and I also have a couple of baby blankets that I was wondering where to send now I know thanks to your story:)


Bunny said...

Thank you for the story June.
Beautiful blanket.


Such a touching story and I will do as you ask. I love your little doll and the blanket is beautiful. The entry was as beautiful as the blanket.

Footheel Sock Knitter said...

I luv you June. I want to do that for you too. A sweet story. I know that precious baby grew up to be a special lady.

spritlyknitter said...

hi june it is very moving and thank's to tammy. for posting about it.Myself and my mum will deffo do something for a needy baby we were very moved by the story it just makes it more real when someone say something about it Thank you Helen