Monday, January 12, 2009

A look backward

I am going to be brave and show my first quilt as an adult. The year was 1976 and the ladies of the church were making a raffle quilt. I joined the group too late to make a block, although they were kind enough to give me a copy of the pattern. I actually went and tried hand quilting (and I'm positive they took it all out when I left). I remember saying "Lord, just let me out of here and I won't try hand quilting again!!". I made this quilt for my daughter, who was just entering first grade that year and it is a twin size. Somehow it survived, and I found it in the cedar chest yesterday. It is machine AND hand quilted!! I didn't try quilting again until recovering from major life-changing surgery in 1983. This time things went so much better. Georgia Bonesteel was very popular with her Lap Quilting PBS series and books. I thought that it was so much more do-able and made several. I even taught Lap Quilting (a quick course) at the church here. I can't hand quilt anymore, and am now retired as a longarm quilter as well (although I will never part with it). Any quilter out there willing to show their first quilt? I'd like to see it!


Footheel Sock Knitter said...

Very nice for a quilt, especially a first one. I have always like Sunbonnet Sue.

sissie said...

so very pretty June! You have an air loom there to be proud of!
i never could crochet but my sister does some awesome work NOT that I have ever received anything from her!! LOL


Anonymous said...

OH that is so lovely. I did make one for my mom using that Sunbonnet Sue pattern. But don't think I have any photos of my quilts but I will look around and see what I have. Yours is so beautiful and something you can always treasure.

Susan said...

I remember Georgia Bonesteel on tv.
I wonder how she is doing now?
great sun bonnet sue quilt!