Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes things end.

After much trial and error, and hair pulling....I must conclude that my socknitting days are over. Well, at least using the fingering weight or sock weight yarns. Try as I might, over the last few days I have come to realize, I just can't work with the tiny needles and thin yarns anymore. My arthritic hands just don't cooperate and neither do my diabetic eyes. The sad thing is that I have about 3 large plastic boxes full of sock yarn. Quite an investment, huh? The last I tried to sell, I took a big loss on it, so am not sure what to do with it. Am considering my options at present. As I come ever nearer to the big six-oh birthday, I am thinking about a lot of different changes to be made, and are some projects, et al, really worth the effort and/or torment. I am very thankful for the things that I can still do, and plan to keep busy for the Lord with what I can do, and eliminate the rest!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried to combine two skeins together to give more thickness and perhaps a size up on the needles? You have such a great attitude about it. But I know how it must feel to lose all that great yarn.