Monday, January 26, 2009


After joining The Great Hexagon Quiltalong (see sidebar) last week, I decided to start a hexagon quilt. First task was to find the green Rubbermaid box that I always kept the cut hexagons in. I prefer 5 inch hexagons. Then I discovered that you could make a diamond shape with them...kind of like a "Trip around the World" quilt. I have put only a few rows on this quilt, and am using blacks and tans. It is hard for me to hand piece them, so I tried to do a few on the machine. Both ways work. Like I really need "another" project to work on?! Click on the button on the sidebar and it will take you to the new hexie blog. If you like hexie quilts, it's worth taking a look at!


Ghost said...

Oh it is delightful to the eye. And that site has a lot of beautiful work. You are such a talented woman who does marvelous work with her hands. Isn't it great to be so talented.

Scarlet said...

Beautiful June. I wish so that I knew how to quilt or even had the time to learn. Maybe someday. You are so talented in so many ways. I feel so honored to be able to see your work. It is always a eye pleasing treat to visit your blog.


Bunny said...

I so admire quilters. This is wonderful. I made one Card Trick quilt a few years ago that came out ok. I really enjoyed making it. You are so inspiring.