Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cat Mats for Scarlet

I have made two cat mats to send to my friend Scarlet in CA. She has requested that her friends make some cat pads to help out her neighbor who is trying to help some feral cats who are in need of a little warmth. I am always happy to help out, but the big problem these days is the postage!! What used to cost me $5. to send now costs $9. Fixed incomes only stretch just so far (as many older Americans know!). I made these out of double strands of Lion Brand Chunky, Bernat Chunky or Encore Chunky. They turned about 18 inches square and are very soft & squishy. My cats would love them, if I gave them the opportunity to try them out!!

On a different note, please let us pray for the new President, his family and the countless Americans who are traveling to Washington DC to see the Inaugeration. Although I did not vote for Mr. Obama, I certainly pray that God will use him to make our Nation a better place. I also pray for Mr. Bush and his family, that God will make his transition to "civilian" life an easy one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, these are lovely. And I know they will be well used. Thanks so much for your generosity. And I too have the postage problem when it comes to a giving heart I wish that the Postal Service would give a discount for Charity purposes.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Oh June these are so beautiful. Thank you so much. I would be so happy to reimburse you for the postage costs. I understand totally when folks are on budget.

Let me know and I will get it in the mail.