Monday, December 15, 2008

Two scarves

The pineapple scarf is actually an old gold colored wool, ball bands long since lost. The pattern can be found at It only took one afternoon to make and I really like pineapples. It is called Elegant Pineapples Scarf 75. The purple scarf is made from Plymouth Encore, Wor.Wt., and the pattern came from As I never wear a scarf, I always find someone to give them too. Good time of year for that, huh? The purple one only took one afternoon to make as well. I like to work on quick projects in between the larger ones!

My next project to start will be an orange Aran sweater for me. I like to use the Grandma on the Mountain pattern and have made one for both my children using that pattern. Guess it's about time to make one for me.


sissie said...

I love this pineapple scarf! i think i will have to try it:)
we are making scarves again this year for Annie and i am also going to make some for the girls and boys home here in town.

what is the sweater you are going to make


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

I just love that pineapple scarf. Is the pattern available online? I sure would love to try one, Scarves are my comfort zone and I love making them so I like to try new patterns.

Thank you so much for sharing with us all. You do beautiful work.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me the link to the pineapple scarf. I have added it to my to-do list. Thank you again, I really appreciate it.