Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainy days

The weather people are still saying we are in a drought, and I wish they would hush about it. It has rained, off and on, for three days now and I am sick of it. I cannot concentrate on my projects when it is so gloomy, and have taken to browzing on the computer (and munching on popcorn) just because I cannot seem to get anything else done. (God forbid that I tackle the sink full of dirty dishes!) They say we might get another three inches of rain today! No thanks! I'm just glad it's not snow!!

I have joined another Yahoo quilt group and it is called FabricaholicsAnonymous. We will be doing a New Years Eve Mystery Quilt and it sounds like fun. I don't do a lot of mystery quilts, but I need to use up fabric, so am game to try it! I didn't see any Button for the group, so I just made a photo of the photo on the homepage and made my own, so to speak. I do not have the talent to make it active, though.

Found two really cute scarf patterns this morning, and might work on those for awhile, and watch the rain. So many projects, so little time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh a mystery quilt sounds like so much fun. I hope you will show us as you progress with it. In spite of the rain your blog is cheery! YOu have so many neat buttons there.