Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25th Dafodils

This morning when I was feeding the yard kitties, our Shizuku got out. It is great fun for her to have us "chase" her and the sun was shining. When I stepped over the flower bed next to the walkway, I looked down and there were dozens of dafodils trying to come up. December has been a very cold, rainy and unpleasant month. These dafodils were not up yesterday. Consider it a Christmas miracle, or not, you choose. I personally think that God is trying to tell us something.


Anonymous said...

Bad winter, early spring maybe? We can hope!

Tanya said...

I'll go out looking in my yard too next time my Chip gets out. That has been her game these days. Slip out the door before the humans who have their arms full even notice and then enjoy freedom until someone realizes she is gone.

Susan said...

I found some tiny crocus peeping out of the pine needles- great signs
of Spring!