Friday, December 12, 2008

New Scarf

This is the scarf I worked on yesterday while I was hoping the rain would stop. It finally did and the sun came out this morning, along with the wind! The Scarf pattern can be found at I think I will use it for a gift. I'm not giving many gifts this year, but some are necessary, and I try to help my son out by giving him a few things to give to his co-workers. He makes hats on a knitting loom, and I make a scarf to go with it! Thank God it is Friday. This has been a rough week!!


Ghost said...

The scarf is so pretty, love the pattern and I am going that way to snag it for my pattern collection. You have such a good and giving heart to help your son out with the things he needs to make him feel good about himself. Bless you.

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Well here we have yet another scarf pattern that I would love to try. I think this is the same one that sis showed me on the web but that one was in delft blue for the special olympics. I have to try this one now that I have seen it again in another color.

Thanks again!!