Friday, July 18, 2008

Colorful Prayer Shawl

I have started another type of Prayer Shawl that they were making at the meeting last Wednesday. I am using a different color for every stripe and it only takes a small amount of each color. It is basically 4 double crochets and a V-stitch (dc, ch1, dc). Just measure it to your own "wingspan" to start. It is fun, and I can't seem to put it down!! I'm not sure how the hospital will feel about this colorful shawl, as I have only given them solid color or varigated ones in the past. If the hospital doesn't want it, I know Hospice will, as that's where the idea came from.

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Tammy said...

Pretty June, of course I want to make one with that pattern also. But I have two to finish first. How many chain stitches did you begin with?