Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Braided Rug find

Somewhere around 1996, before my husband got sick, I made braided rugs from wool fabric. I had taken a class from the Community College (twice) and enjoyed it a lot. I had made several, and my daughter even took about 6 of them back to Japan with her for Omiagi. Then, for some reason I put it all away. Probably was the year we spent in and out of the hospital. I never finished this rug, and now I can't remember how!! I've looked at my notebook, and have a very dim recollection as to how I did it, but........... I checked Yahoo groups and Ravelry groups, but no luck finding a group to help. I don't know anyone locally who still braids rugs. I have five trashcans full of wool fabric (in stinky mothballs!). If anyone out there braids wool rugs, and could lend a hand, I would be most appreciative!! I sure could use some advice!


Linda C. said...

Good luck on your quest, June . . . that's not one of my talents, or I would certainly help!

On another note, I read your comment about the small girl in the large shirt. I'm so sorry that your feelings were hurt by this. I don't think it was intended that way at all, because I have met her, and she's very sweet and thoughtful, and would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. The picture was to be a publicity photo in support of her book using thrift store purchases to secure fabrics which might otherwise be unavailable. Someone as kind and generous as you are needn't take offense. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of scarecrow actresses, and high fashion models, who are really just clothes hangers, when you think about their purpose in life. I'd love to be thin as I was when I was young, but when I look at pictures of my mother, and great-aunts . . . I see myself, and realize we all have a genetic pattern to fulfill. I always remember a friend who was large . . . her daughter told her she wasn't fat, she was just cozy, and right for hugs!

sewbeezy said...

What a pretty rug!! I hope you are able to figure out how to make those wonderful rugs once again. Wish I could help but I only know how to crochet rag rugs.