Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yesterday was a bummer!

Ever have a day that starts off questionable and keeps getting worse? That was yesterday for me. I was supposed to go to our local quilt guild meeting, which meets in an old historic house, remodeled by the Foothills Arts Council in Elkin. When I got there, they had moved the meeting upstairs. Being retired on disability with multiple health problems, those stairs looked like the stairs in the Hatteras Lighthouse to me. Unclimbable! So after making an explanation to the leader (who happened to be coming around the corner, downstairs), I just left. Well, guess I won't be going back to another meeting there! Some of the members (this is a 1pm meeting) are elderly, and possibly couldn't climb the stairs either. I don't think I was alone with this problem. Aren't there laws covering access to public areas for everyone?? I'm not usually this negative, just hurt and annoyed. I'll be in better spirits when the clue #2 of Bonnie's Orange Crush pattern comes out (hehe). Think I will knit on my sock today.


Anina said...

I think you should call them and kindly explain that you may not be the only one who will not be able to attend meetings if they hold them upstairs. They may not even have thought about this when the changed the location.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I understand you being hurt...... seems like they would be more considerate of you and others who can't make it up the steps. Unfortunately, many historical buildngs are 'grandfathered' and do not have to comply to ADA regulations. Can you talk to the about moving the meeting to a different location?