Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Special Present

My friend, Tammy gave me a copy of this book for my birthday, and it is very special to me. You see, my Mother used to have "pet" spiders. She's never kill a spider, either indoors or outdoors. She was probably the only one ever with that philosophy, and I never knew why, other than she said "they eat the bugs". Except for the nasty, agressive spiders, I don't like to kill a spider either. One time a nice, friendly spider was living in the corner over my bathroom sink. It would come down a ways to say "Hi" and "Thanks for leaving me alone". One day a bad spider came & killed my friendly spider. (That one is history!!) To this day I still can't git rid of my friendly spiders web. Just call me wierd. I borrowed the photo above from Amazon.com, where you can read this wonderful story if you want to buy a copy of the book. I loved it!! Thanks Tammy!!


Debi said...

June, there are no rules to the RRRR. All the blocks and their instructions are posted on the left hand side of my blog. You can print them off and make them anytime you like. This Roosting Robin stays home.

Tammy said...

Just read this, so suprised.
You are quiet welcome and glad you love the book. I love the story too!

your friend,

sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Dear June,

I have to tell you how amazed I am by your generosity. This is Natalie from the Miss Marple Readalong and scarf swap. I had no idea that my partner wimped. I will be very grateful to you for a long time for the wonderful scarf and stitch markers.

I, too, love to let the spiders go about their business. I wonder if knitters have a special affinity for them?

I will get my camera out tonight and post a picture on the Miss Marple blog.

You are so wonderful and I really appreciate the fact that you noticed my love for cats.

Thank you so much!

It's sometimes hard to remember my name not that I'm on the internet!