Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goodies from Miss Marple KAL

My wonderful boxful of goodies from Feralmama arrived today. It came all the way from Canada and everything is so wonderful! I am more than pleased with what she sent. I wasn't expecting so much! If you are reading this.....thanks again, Feralmama. You've made my day! (How did you know that I am a socknitter??) I feel like I have made a new friend!


Tammy said...

You got such a wonderful box of goodies and a beautiful scarf. You had a great secret pal! Btw, I also like the quilt it is laying on.

June said...

The quilt is called "stashbuster" and it is an online pattern. A real quickie. It can be made in one afternoon, using 9 or 12 fat quarters (depending on the size you want). I have made a few of these, and intend to make more!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!