Sunday, April 13, 2008

Civil War Quilt Blocks

This is a photo of my Civil War Diary/Love Letter blocks that I have made so far. I fell very far behind while I was working on other necessary projects and UFO's. Please excuse my "junk" in the background. I just don't have a good available flat surface to photograph on. I am probably the only person that I've seen that is making these blocks out of solid colors. I try to use the colors from the book. I just like to be different, I guess, but I really do like the way these are turning out!


Amanda said...

These blocks are looking really good - I love the colours.

Beth said...

Wow, these blocks just pop in the solids, love them!!!!

Karen said...

I stopped by for a visit to see your Civil War blocks. Interesting that you chose solid colors for your blocks. Good job on picking the colors.