Monday, March 22, 2010

Ordered new books!

On Friday, I received 2 new books! When my husband was alive, we sort of bought our own birthday presents and then said "You gave me this for my birthday!!" It worked every time. Well, this year I ordered two books (even though he is in Heaven now). They are "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" by Jennifer Chiaverini and "The Farmer's Wife" (picture from above. The blocks are great but the really bad thing is that you have to print out the patterns from a CD that is included and they print one-per-page. Major bummer, and a terrible waste of paper!! I have been working on the blocks from "The Civil War Diaries" and "Civil War Love Letters" books what seems like forever!! I'm using solid colors instead of prints. There used to be a group of us here on the internet that was working on them, but I think it has fallen by the wayside now. I, too, put them away over the winter, closed up my studio (too COLD to quilt in there) and worked on yarn projects over the winter (mostly something I could cover up with while working on it)! It rained like crazy all night, but the sun is out this morning. Rejoice and be glad!!


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday! Could you download and save on your desktop the patterns you want and then print them off all at once?
That's a really stupid question, isn't it? You can tell I'm not a computer person -smile-.

Leslie Shelor said...

There should be a way to make the blocks print better but it's hard to say how. Maybe putting them all in one document? Dunno. Lovely book, though!