Thursday, March 11, 2010

A cat is a cat, and that is that!

Yesterday, I went to town to pay some bills and when I got back I found that Earl Grey (now six months old) had torn the screen in the bathroom window and escaped!! I walked the property and called for the rest of the day. No Earl. When my son got home from work, we saw Earl's head peeking out from the crawl-space door. He was having fun and didn't want to come in. We tried, unsuccessfully, until dark to get him to come to us. He made a game out of it! Grrrr! We said, "OK, fine, stay outside". It has warmed up a lot this week, so I wasn't worried about him freezing. This morning, as I was feeding the yard cats, Earl comes trotting up the walk-way. He is still not ready to admit defeat, and the yard cats aren't about to share their kibbles. On the second attempt to get a mouthful, I grabbed him, scared the yard cats half to death, and got clawed. But I hung on and I got that little varmint in the house! He ate his breakfast (indoors) and collapsed for a nap in the middle of the living room rug! No new photos, sorry. Still having problems with the photo program. My son has worked on it, but being computer-illiterate, I haven't learned it yet. I will take photos of Earl soon, I promise. I think I'll need lots of coffee to get through this day. (Loud sigh!!)


Footheel Sock Knitter said...

Earl Grey sounds like a little stinker!:) He was making an adventure of it, these little kitties and doggies feel better than you or I and like to play

Your new quilt header is pretty. It's beginning to feel and sound like spring, I have been hearing wee birds chirping.The rain today even feels like a spring shower instead of a winter rain. Have a hot cup of coffee for me.

Leslie Shelor said...

Spring seems to be heading our way as well, although right now it's all about the rain. Glad you got the little critter back in. Can't much blame him for wanting a spring romp, though!

Sandra said...

Love the name and aren't all kittens little stinkers!? Miss Emma certainly is and is always dashing out the back door but since she's been spayed, it's not as worrisome as before she was spayed.
Love the photo header, beautiful!

Tanya said...

Oh yes... Same problem here (no yard cats). Mi or Toi escapes and they WILL NOT come back. That keep me in a tiz for hours imagining them getting hit. And once they are caught they act like they hate me... And I love them so much!