Friday, July 24, 2009

Prayers & Squares

In my quest to find a new home for some of my fabric that I will never use, I found the Prayers & Squares chapter at Richmond Hill Baptist Church in Boonville, NC. I have given them eight boxes of fabric and have met two of the church members. I hope to go to a meeting this coming week, Lord willing. I am very impressed with this project, and hope to help them out by making some small quilt tops for them in the future. I have been working on Prayer Shawls for several years now, and I think that the quilt project would help me to use up even more fabric. Now that the walmarts no longer sell fabric in this area, and we have to drive 35-50 miles each way to buy a yard of fabric, I am happy to help this group out. To maybe find a group in your area, go to


Tanya said...

Yes! I know of Prayers and Squares and actually belong to a chapter in my church here in Japan. Chapter members? Just little ol' me! I can't seem to get anyone else interested in helping in the quilt making. But it is a great way to use fabric and focus on someone with prayers.

Henya said...

It looks like you have found a very worthy cause. And some new friends. Good luck in your new venture.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi June! I am just in awe of all your quilt work I'm seeing today! I LOVE the one in your Blog Header/Banner.. (whatever they call it!).. I LOVE the Yellow Brick Road quilt top!! All of it is beautiful! If you remember, I only dabble in it as best I can, from time to time.. Hopefully, I'm getting a little better at it with the practice!