Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lonely sock

Just a few minutes ago, I finished a sock! Well, it's only one sock, but I will start the second one this morning, after a finish a few routine tasks. No SSS here (second sock syndrome)!! The yarn is Happy Feet by Plymouth, and the pattern is written for the yarn, it is called Mock Cable. I have used the pattern before, but it really stands out with this thicker yarn. Socks are a good summer project, as you don't have to have your project draped all over you. I've been knitting socks since 1998, but figure I won't ever be able to use up my stash of sock yarn. I've never been brave enough to try a crochet sock, although I have seen some interesting ones. Maybe someday.

Yesterday, I gave away about six large boxes of quilting fabric to a local church that makes Prayers for Squares projects. I was asked if I want to come to a meeting, but I declined. I had advertised on Yahoo's Freecycle group. I wish this group well with their projects, and am glad that I could help. Giving stuff away (for a good cause) feels good, everyone should try it! In the process, I found a quilt pattern that I had been looking for for a couple of years!! It is called "Yellow Brick Road", by Atkinson Designs, I think. I have already picked out the fabric I want to use (18 fat quarters)! The fabric I gave away will not be missed at all!!

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