Thursday, August 14, 2014

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I love the photo above. I found in on the internet, on Weather Underground. I have no way to contact the photographer, but the name listed is ichbenhier.  The photo reminds me of home. Across the river is Sarnia, Canada. When the steel mill was operating, there was always a dark "cloud" over Sarnia. The ship is a thousand footer, carrying freight. I used to feel very comforted in the night when I was a child and it was foggy and a ship would say "Beeeee" and there would be an answering "Beee-Ohhhh". We lived about four miles from the Blue Water Bridge. My Dad was a Customs Inspector on the Bridge.  Good memories. Living in NC, I don't get to visit Michigan anymore. Uncle George used to say "You gotta be tough to live in Michigan". But it will always be home to me.

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Rebecca in AK said...

That is a beautiful photo! I suspect Michigan and Alaska have some things in common! I loved the story about when you were a child a listen for the ships and the answering beep.