Friday, April 4, 2014

All Good Intentions

I had intended to make a quilted picture from the flour sack. Life just gets in the way. I'll get it done eventually. I always do, but it is a miserable time of year for a person with allergies. My son and I are in competition to see who can sneeze the most! I got a gentle reminder this morning that my project is due tomorrow. No way is that possible. I never used to be a procrastinator, but as I get older, I sure am now. So sorry to Emily. I love the flour sack & think it'll be a great picture.


KathyB. said...

The story of my life lately ! So many good things I have not finished ( and I usually finish all my projects ) lately , so I have given myself permission to take a 'spring break' and play with my grandchildren and revel in the new life springing from my gardens and new lambs without PROJECTS looming over me and nagging me. I keep telling myself and my projects I am on spring break, and I am !

The flour sack really is very nice and when you get it done I see it will be pleasing ...just not tomorrow ?

tammy said...

Thank you June for my beautiful birthday card!


Tanya said...

I am blessed NOT to have allergies but so many of my friends in Japan too. Cedar tree pollen seems to be the culprit around here.

The flour sack if so interesting. Put it aside for now and work on it someday... More procrastination!

Rebecca in AK said...

Some of my children and grandchildren have really been suffering from their allergies this year, the pollen count up here has been very high! I am sure you will get your project done and it will be beautiful!