Saturday, October 27, 2012

National Hug-A-Sheep Day

                                         A rare moment of peace with Shizuku and Earl sharing
                                         the same spot!!

Today is National Hug-A-Sheep Day. I don't have any live sheep, so I decided to show my Lambchop (a Goodwill find). I drove by the pasture this morning where there were some sheep last year, but have not seen them in a long time. I think the farmer must have sold them. Sheep are not real popular in this county. I hope you have a pleasant weekend, and do not have to worry about Hurricane Sandy.


Ghost said...

love the peace, the lamb and have not even been aware of Sandy. but have had strong winds and rain for the last two days.

tammy said...

Happy Halloween! Just caught up on reading your blog. You've been busy!The quilt is beautiful, and Lamb Chomps is so cute. You find the neatest stuff......