Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feedsack Stars

Today I thought I would show you a quilt that I made back in l998. It is made from old feedsack fabric and "cheap" muslin (so that it would crinkle and look old). My late husband was going thru chemotherapy at the time, and I hand pieced this whole quilt. It is a full sized quilt and is quite large!  It is machine quilted, by me, using the "music" pantograph. You can click on the photo to make it larger, hopefully. I am especially fond of this quilt, and had given it to my daughter. She was using it to cover her couch and it was beginning to show definite wear (thanks to her dog and frequent washing and drying in the dryer!!), so I "borrowed" it back. I just love piecing hexagons by hand, but I do not use the English Piecing method. The white hexagons are 5 inches across. God Bless!!

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Ghost said...

stunning. love the randomness of the color in the stars