Monday, October 22, 2012

Alpaca Watching

This weekend, my daughter and I went up on the mountain, to Virginia, to see the new baby alpacas (crias), and to visit the fabric shop where we used to spend so much time. It was a very pleasant day, and it felt like you could almost touch the clouds. One certainly does feel closer to God up on the mountain! We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant at the Hillsville exit of I-77. After returning to my house, we decided I'd spend the rest of the weekend at her house, about an hour's ride from here. It is always a pleasure to spend some time with her "critters", and her dog , Lucky, always does the "twist" when she sees me!! It is so funny to see.  Her illusive cats are impossible to photograph.  In the middle of the night (about 3am) Lucky heard something outside and began her "Hound-Dog"  barking. Next morning, upon examination of the flower bed out front, it appeared that a deer must have come up to the house and Lucky knew about it. I had a nice time, and I always enjoy cooking in her kitchen (we made lamb stew), things always taste better away from home, don't you think? The Fall colors are not very brilliant this year, but nice anyway.  I have tried repeatedly to add two photos to this post, but blogger won't cooperate!!  Very frustrating!!  I'll try again later. Have a great week!  God Bless!!

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