Saturday, January 15, 2011

Robins, I saw robins!!

The trip to the walmart in Mt.Airy yesterday went well. So well, that this morning, my son and I ate b'fast at Mickey D's, took the trash to the recycling center and went to the Goodwill and walmart in Elkin. (I'm still looking for a fat-quarter of fabric I need to finish my quilt). On the way back, we saw TWO small flocks of robins. I couldn't believe my eyes! This early! Seeing robins usually means that the winter is about over. We can only hope. Wow! I am encouraged and overjoyed. Now if I could just find that small piece of fabric I need to finish the quilt. (Above photo from internet.)


Ghost said...

wow, we have relatives in Harbor Beach and Badaxe. also did have some in Elkinn until they moved. I have not seen any robins yet but happy to hear it.

Sue said...

That is really something. I love robins. We usually see our first batch in mid March.

But this morning, I saw five beautiful bluebirds outside my window. I am assuming these never migrated south, but oh what wondrous beauty they brought to my day:)

Hope you find that fat quarter you need:)