Friday, January 14, 2011

More Snow

A small kid's quilt using 6 inch squares of old St. Jude fabrics from Hancock's Fabric Store.

Last year we had over ten snow storms. This year they PROMISED we would have a warmer winter with less snow. Yeah, right. Bah-humbug. So far we have had three snow storms, complete with driving wind and piled up snow. This is the Foothills of North Carolina, not Michigan!!! I haven't been out of the house, literally, since last Friday. Talk about cabin fever! Sheesh! You see, I don't walk too good and haven't for years. I am fortunate that my son lives here with me and takes care of things. But today I am going to get out. Me and the Nissan are going out inspite of the ice on the driveway. The kitties need tuna, and I am on a mission....get to walmart and buy tuna and catfood. I am lucky that my son rides to work with a good and kind friend, but I will pick him up today and to walmart we will go. I know that this isn't at all interesting a report, but since I've been cooped up for a week, working on kid's (charity) quilts, it's the best I can do. I'll let you know how it goes later.........

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