Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dora is sick/ the bad news

Dora Jean got very sick yesterday and had to be rushed to the Mr.Airy Vet yesterday after hours. He has kept her overnight and we haven't been able to come up with a cause for her problems yet. He did some blood work and sent it off today and it will be back tomorrow. At present, she is on antibiotics and fluids, still at his office. She has been sick, off & on, most of her life (15 months) but this is the most serious of everything yet. Dr. Truban is cautiously optimistic. I am praying, and hope that anyone reading this will ask the Lord to spare her life. She is not the most loving cat, and she is very willful and determined, but she doesn't deserve to suffer. I hope my next post will be a more positive one.

UPDATE: Dora spent 3 days at the Vet's office and this morning he told me that they found Leukemia. We had her put to sleep this morning to protect Shizuku, who we had tested this morning also, and she doesn't have it. I have had to make so many of these "life & death" decisions now. This all happened so fast. Rest in Peace, Pretty Kitty. You will be missed.


Vivian said...

June, I don't know about your experiences with calico cats, but our experience has been that they are not the snuggliest of kitties. Our Cal died a year ago. At times during her life she was marginally sweet, but most of the time not. However, that did not mean she was not loved. Now, just as an interesting side note, my sister tells me that tabbies are almost always wonderful pets, and that has been our experience, too. Just thought you might be interested in that. Hope your Dora recovers quickly (and without a huge vet bill to boot.)

Footheel Sock Knitter said...


I pray Dora will be healed.

Blessings upon you,


Tanya said...

Oh June. I'm so sorry for you and for Dora. I've been your blog friend for quite awhile and I know how much you've worried over Dora. What a lucky kitty she was! To have someone to love her and look after her and give her care and make the decisions! So many animals have to make it on their own. 15 months isn't a long time but it was 15 months with YOU so she had the best life there could be in such a case. Love to you and Shizuku.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi June... I am so very sorry to hear about Dora. Just like human members of our family, some are nicer than others, but we still love them all, right?! You gave her a good home, and now God has called her to His Home, where she will never hurt or be sick again, and she can run and play just like a kitten again!..

Having just read your previous post, I am delighted to meet Chuck! He is absolutely adorable, and I LOVE the sweater he's wearing! I hope he's set out prominently, and close by, so he can make you smile! He certainly made ME smile! ~tina