Monday, February 16, 2009


I know...all you guys from Michigan are going to laugh at my pittiful snow photo, but hey, it's our first this year! There was snow on the Mtns. west of us and snow in Winston-Salem, twice, but we got nothing. This morning there was some on the ground for us...not enough to close school, but to delay it for two hours. Not for the Community College, though. Our president is from Michigan, and probably thinks this snow is a big joke. It'll be gone by this afternoon, but I enjoyed looking at it, and so did the kitties. By the way...Dora goes in for her pre-OP check up this afternoon and they will do her spay surgery first thing in the morning. Prayers and/or kind thoughts for her are appreciated.


Ghost said...

Boy you are lucky. I am so tired of snow already. As to Dora, keep us informed, she is like one of my own now, she has captured my heart and I will be praying all goes well.

Bunny said...

This is about as much snow as we get here in Delaware. I sort of miss it but, I don't miss the shoveling and snowplowing. Ours is usually gone in a day or 2.
I will keep Dora in my prayers as she goes to surgery.

sissie said...

we have not had that much yet this year so far. isn't it prety to look at before everyone gets on it?:)

I received your pattern and card, Thanks