Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dr. Who Scarf

Above is a picture of the Dr. Who of the 1970's (I think), Tom Baker. He is my daughter's favorite Dr. Who. I have different preferences, but we will leave it at that. Anyway, Kathleen spent the evening here last night and we were watching old DVD's of Dr. Who. Although I have knit three of these scarves in the past, I have (stupidly) given them all away. It would be a good way to use up scrap yarn, right? It keeps you busy without too much fuss, right? Sounds like a great project to start in February...RIGHT! I'm off to find some yarn. Oh, and by the way, they are FUN to wear & you sure get some "odd" looks!


Ghost said...

It is neat looking. seems to be connected at both ends>

Bunny said...

It sure does look like a great way to use up scraps. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Footheel Sock Knitter said...

I've thought the same thing about the Dr. Who Scarf.It will make a great knitting project for those yarns! It's funny that was mentioned a week or so ago in a conversation I had w/someone. That's happening a lot lately.Happy Who knitting!

Scarlet said...

That looks like fun although my knitting skills are not that great so it would probably take me a year or two to get it done.

Is there a pattern for it available online??