Saturday, October 27, 2007

San Diego Wildfire Blanket Project

While listening to the news on the television, many of us are touched and saddened by the loss from the wild fires in the Southern California area. Many people you talk to have family and friends in the area. Living on the East Coast, I can only imagine the Santa Anna winds or the danger from fires, earthquakes or mudslides. Yes, we have hurricanes, but where I am at, we are rarely effected by them (rather than a lot of rain). I wanted to help, and the best way I can is to use my own hands and my yarn! Anyone reading this, if you want to help, please visit the blog: to get more information. Please see the button I borrowed on the right! I plan to spend this whole weekend making 8 inch Granny Squares for this blanket project. I hope the people who receive them will know that the rest of the country is thinking and praying for them in their time of loss. God Bless America!!

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Thank you Thank you Thank you!