Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two dogs on the lam (an update)

Yesterday morning my daughter called me from her home (about an hour away). Her two male dogs were missing, and she was quite upset. Her girl-dog, Lucky, was at home. I am showing a photo of Hoshi, above, but I don't have a photo of Oreo (who is black & white). Later that morning, the park ranger from Hanging Rock State Park (about a mile from her home) called to say that he had her two fugitives in "lock-up" overnight & to please come get them. Hehehe. Those rascals. There had been an accident at the park on Sunday afternoon and a hiker had fallen from the trail. The dogs must have been drawn by the excitement.  When she called me back later to tell me that all were home and safe, they were ALL very excited. I'm glad I don't have dogs. My kitties stay indoors, and the worst I face is Earl and Hemi using the house as a "race track"! No word on the condition of the hiker.  God Bless!
 This is Oreo!

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Tanya said...

So glad the escapees were found and got back home! Whew!