Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More fabric?

I know that this photo is not really large enough to see. would not let me use the larger photo. It is Nancy Drew fabric and I have been seeing things made from it on different blogs I like to look at. I was a really big Nancy Drew Mystery book fan back when I was young. I inherited my sister's books, and then got a few of my own, and also read a lot from the Library. My daughter has my books now, as I gave them to her when she was a girl. I am thinking of rereading some of them! Yesterday, in a moment of non-thinking, I ordered a set of 42 Nancy Drew 5" squares from  They have already been shipped and should arrive here by next Monday. Just call it another BD present to myself. I do go a little crazy this time of year. (March Madness, maybe? No, I don't give a hoot about basketball!!) Hmmm, now what to make from 42 Nancy Drew 5 inch squares......   No Spring in sight here, still cold, rain, and yuck most of the time!  But happy first day of Spring, anyway!!

God Bless!


Sue said...

You know, I love the Nancy Drew books too and had the set when I was younger. Nancy seems to be making a comeback in many ways. I'm seeing lots of Nancy Drew things on the Net.

tammy said...

Nice fabric....

Happy Easter!!