Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jo Morton Fabrics

Today has been a really nice day! The weather is warm and sunny and a nice day to be outdoors.  My son and I decided to go to Mocksville, NC. It is one of my favorite places to go!  He did some shopping at the video game store, and I went to the Ben Franklin Store. After selecting some things that I needed for knitting and Prayer Shawls, I decided to look at the flat-fold fabrics. Ah hah! Civil War fabrics!!!  I nearly fell on the floor when I read on the selvedge "Jo Morton" for Andover Fabrics. I couldn't believe my incredible find. I found four Civil War prints that I can use, all in the same color family and they were $3.99 a yard. There is no other place anywhere around here that sells Jo Morton fabrics, not even in Winston-Salem, to my knowledge anyway.  I am so excited. My BD is in 2 weeks, so Happy Birthday to me!!  Wow, what a difference in quality from walmart thin yucky stuff and the Andover.....unbelieveable! We then had lunch at our favorite BBQ restaurant. The waitresses are exceptional and must have come by the table 15 to 20 times to see if we wanted or needed anything! The name of the restaurant is "C's", and it is on Hwy. 601 before you get to Mocksville.

To all of us who are Irish or Scots-Irish...Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. I'll be wearing green, (even though I am German)!  God Bless! ( By the way....Happy International Quilting!)


Sue said...

Those are beauties! What a great find. I don't believe our Ben Franklin around here carries Jo's fabrics. That's amazing!

I've been working on a Jo Morton quilt in the sewing room today.

Happy Naruional Day of Quilting!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Those are wonderful finds; well done! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you and yours.