Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tisket A Tasket

I've bought another basket! Whether I go southwest, to Elkin, or north, to Mt.Airy, I ALWAYS stop at the Goodwill Stores. Guess I am adicted. (sigh) This week, while in Mt.Airy, I found this handmade "quilting" basket. I gave one dollar for it! It is about 13inches square, and a 12 & 1/2 inch block just fits in it. What a find!! The blocks in the basket are the Jacob's Ladder blocks I am working on. I had enough fabric for 16 blocks, but will add tan and brown borders to make it larger. I have yet to discover what the two dowel rods in the handle are for???

Earl Grey had a birthday very recently. He turned two years old. The terrible two's. He has always been active (make that destructive), and I was hoping he'd calm down with age, but not yet anyway. Guess that's what makes Earl Grey...Earl Grey!

Days and nights are cooler now, and I have not had to run the air conditioning all month. Have not turned on the heat yet either. Should save a little on the power bill, anyway. The leaves are just beginning to change colors. This time of year always makes me sad though, as it was 51 years ago in October that I left my beloved Michigan.


Sue said...

Very great find. I do love the Goodwill store.
You've been away from Michigan for a long while, but we are dropping leaves all over the place here and they are starting to become bare. We have had unseasonably warm weather though and I've been sleeping all month with the windows open. So we are not running a/c or the heat! I am so thankful. My utility bill is much better for it!!

We used to live in Winston-Salem, NC for a while and the leaves were pretty when they changed.

Enjoy your autumn. Sure doesn't seem to last as long as the other seasons, does it.

Allie said...

What a great basket!! Don't you just love Goodwill. Had to laugh about Earl Hermoine is about 10 and still plays like a kitten, and gets into trouble! That's ok, she's better than tv.

We've had lots of grey days here in MI, the colors are gorgeous but it's chilly and VERY windy, so you know the trees will be bare in a day or two. This is the worst time of year for thoughts head south!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Earl Grey! I agree... just because they get older, cats still like to play. When THEY say so.

FootHeel Sock Knitter said...

Great find on your basket! Maybe the rods are for holding spools of quilting thread? We have had a perfect weather weekend. Happy quilting.