Friday, October 28, 2011

Hug a Sheep Day

Tomorrow is National Hug a Sheep day! It is sponsored by Sara at Equinox Farm at Cynthiana, KY. She is also known as the "crazysheeplady" or Punkin's Patch. I enjoy her blog very much and visit quite often. I really wish I could visit her farm, but it is too far for me to go. Guess I won't have a sheep to hug again this year (sigh). I did spot a small flock of sheep on the road to the recycling center last weekend. Guess it would be rude to just show up and hug a strange (wet) sheep, eh? Oh well, maybe I'll just hug Floyd (my large stuffed sheep) again this year. I've been trying to find a LARGE Serta sheep, but no such luck. Anyone know of one that needs a good home?? I emailed Serta, but they told me go go buy a mattress. (Humph!)

It is cold and rainy here today. Funny how our weather mirrors Michigan weather these days. Only they are a few degrees colder (but not much). Our fall colors have been disappointing this year. Have a wonderful weekend. Go hug a sheep!!


Sue said...

I don't have any sheep but I would love to hug one because I love what they provide for us. One day I will own my own sheep. I keep my fingers crossed!

Allie said...

ROFL - you crack me up. A Serta sheep, I love it! Not sure I'd want to hug a wet sheep, ugh.