Friday, September 9, 2011

Touching her toes

This has been an "interesting" week. Previously it was an earthquake and a hurricane, this week it was another hurricane and tornadoes!! One hurricane went to the right of us, this last one went to the left of us. We spent Monday and Tuesday under tornado warnings...and there was damage in the area to prove it. The only damage to our property was to my nerves, thank God!! I've gotten next to nothing done and am glad it is Friday. The above photo is of the Chan. She wasn't worried...not at all (Earl was!).


Sue said...

So thankful you were not harmed. It's been a bit scary along the east coast lately :(

Have a wonderful weekend.

Allie said...

I cannot believe all the weather lately - so glad you're safe!!! That pic is too cute!

Ghost said...

Wish i was limber enough to still touch my toes. Too Cute.