Saturday, September 17, 2011

All dressed up

My daughter has sent a photo of one of her students at the college. Her name is Victoria, and she is studying Japanese language on Fridays on her lunch-time. This week, my daughter brought along some clothing of her's from when she lived in Japan and dressed up her student, Victoria. I thought she looked cute, and asked my daughter to send me a copy of the photo she took. Sorry it so small, but I cannot figure out how to make it larger since I copied it from an email. Victoria gave her permission for me to post her picture.

I have never heard back from the Hatteras Cat people. Either they are shut down because of the Hurricane Irene, or they are no longer in business. I will remove the picture on the sidebar soon.

Today is World Wide Spinning in Public Day. Since we already went to Leslie's in Meadows of Dan last spinning in public was planned today. However, I did FINISH spinning that awful black shetland wool last week. I will take a photo soon...hopefully! No decisions made on how to actually use the awful stuff. It was a whole fleece, so there is enough to maybe make a sweater?? Ugh!

MUCH cooler weather here. In the 50's yesterday and today. People were wearing coats at the grocery store this morning!! I love it! Enjoy your weekend...


Allie said...

Great pic of your daughter's student - yep, the bigger one is better. I've heard it's quite a chore to get into an outfit like that! I hope you find something to make with the black wool!

Tanya said...

Looks like fun! And great that she remembers how to dress someone in kimono/yukata. The only biggie to worry about is having the left side of the outfit cross over the right side of the outfit!