Friday, May 20, 2011

Toothbrush Rug

Since 2002, when I discovered "Aunt Philly's" website, I have tried my hand at making "toothbrush rugs". I was leading a quilting group of ladies at the church and one of the member's aunt made these rugs and was willing to come and demonstrate it for us. It is a little hard on the back and hands because of my arthritis, but I do enjoy it a lot and have made several. They wear well, and probably will last my lifetime!! Also, they are a great way to use up those cotton fabrics that you bought way back when and now say "Why did I buy THAT"! I love to work on these rugs, but often just need a "round tuit" to get started. I suggest, if you are interested, to look up the "Aunt Philly's" website to get started, too. I made my own tool from an old toothbrush, but she has some to buy reasonably. Unless you have an OLD toothbrush that has a hole in the handle, you will need to buy one. I carved mine myself, then sanded it down. Newer toothbrushes are curved handled and do not have a hole in the end. The strips of cotton fabric are torn at 2" wide by the length of fabric (not more than 2 yards, though). I am experimenting with using cotton clothesline for the "filler" instead of the same fabric as the working fabric. So far it is doing fine. It just makes a stiffer rug, that's all. It's fun, it's useful, check it out!! (click on photo to make bigger)


Sue said...

Hi there! Thank you for the link. I have always wanted to make one of these myself, but never knew exactly how!


Ghost said...

You are always making something unusual and different.

Ghost said...

Did you go to the Great Lakes Fiber show?

teakaycee said...

Oh... love it!!!
how's it coming along?

God Bless

Jenna said...

That is something unusual yet creative! If you sell it, how much will it be? I'll buy one for my car and probably another for our comfort room! That's recycling at its finest. :)

-> Jenna Schrock