Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I am working on a little afghan for Earl Grey. I make one for all our kitties. This time I am using just scrap yarn, and changing colors as I run out. I'm using a new crochet hook. It is a Clover, size I. It is easy on the hands, but splits the yarn. Very disappointing. I prefer my Susan Bates hooks. Earl Grey continues to eat well and grow, and he has become a real "wild cat". This morning he got me up at 6AM, by running across me repeatedly like a race track!! He loves yarn, and likes to "help" while I knit or crochet! Sheesh! I do appreciate Shizuku more and more these days. She and I understand each other, as we are both getting old. There is still snow on the ground, it is bitter cold here, and the wind is about to blow us away. Like I said, "Happy New Year".


Ghost said...

Love the color combinations and I know that Earl Grey will love it too.

Leslie Shelor said...

Happy New year to you, and I hope you're staying warm. Love the kitty afghan!

Tanya said...

How sweet of you to make Earl Grey his own cushion. The farthest I've gone is to fold up a couple fleece blankets and tell the cats to share.