Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Latest on Earl Grey

As you can see, Earl has lost the "tilt" to his head that was caused by the ear infection! Praise God! He is doing well...very active and enjoying his toys, eating a lot, growing like a weed, and his hair is getting longer! He loves to snuggle up with his Auntie Shizuku when she is asleep and not paying any attention. She is very tolerant of him, although she does let him know who is the boss! I decided not to put up a real Christmas tree this year, but am using the large ceramic one again. Maybe next year he will be calm enough to not destroy the tree. I'm not a big one for decorating for Christmas anyway, so it's okay. Have not gotten much done on my projects lately, so nothing "crafty" to show. A good friend gave me two beautiful VHS tapes of Tasha Tudor, done awhile back. I have enjoyed them so much, and even joined a Ravelry group called "Take Joy". I ordered two books from also; A Corgiville Christmas and another book about her life. I do wish life were simpler these days, but things continue to get worse. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


Footheel Sock Knitter said...

Nice pictures of the kittys! Earl Grey seems to like having his picture made. I intended to get out yesterday and go to the post office. Was going to mail Christmas cards. But got up sick and stayed inside and rested. But I'm up and about this morning and will try again to get out, just moving like a turtle tho'. Haven't forgot you. Take care and enjoy.

Ghost said...

So glad to hear of the improvement. He looks so happy. Love your creche.

Tanya said...

Earl Grey looks completely at home. I'm not putting up a Christmas tree either. With 6 cats it wouldn't stay up 15 minutes!