Friday, September 26, 2008

Not quite finished

I call this pattern the Surry Four-patch. I live in Surry County, North Carolina, and when I was teaching a beginning lap-quilting class at the church a few years ago, this is the first pattern I gave them. It is simple, yes, but they liked it, and one student even made 20 blocks!! That gave me the idea to use it for the charity quilts!! This one (after it is hemmed) will go to the Elkin Rescue Squad. It is about 40 by 70 inches. I make these quilts in all sizes, as the kids they give them to come in all sizes!! This is a project of the Foothills Quilter's Guild, Elkin, NC, of which I am a member. I formerly made these kid's quilts and gave them to the Surry Rescue Squad (began doing this in 1990), but that project kind of ended. I am glad to have someone who wants these now. I think a boy would like this one, don't you??
Foothills Quilter's Guild will have a Quilt Show at the Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival at Elkin, NC tomorrow. It is at the Episcopal Church beside the Library. Any and all are welcome, if you are in this area. BTW, Dora the kitten is now sleeping on a corner of the quilt. She pulled it on the floor & curled up on it!!

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