Friday, May 2, 2008

Star Quilt along #1

This is the first block of the Star Quilt along from The fabric is from an older Fons and Porter collection from the early 90's. I thought it too "special" to use, but am more realistic these days. It would look better used than in the Rubbermaid box! I like the Civil War look of this fabric and really think that I am going to enjoy this Quilt along! I am using plain old muslin for the background. I think this quilt will definitely look "old" when it is completed. Many thanks to AmandaJean for hosting this quilt along!!


Candace said...

Your piecing looks very precision and your pressing also. It makes me want to practice to make mine better. That block looks like the start of a beautiful quilt, I'll keep checking back to see the steps and the finished product.

Anina said...

Lovely! I still haven't decided on fabric for this quilt.