Friday, February 29, 2008

Dear Jane Quilt

I have just joined a blog of people working on another Civil War Quilt called Dear Jane or Baby Jane. I started mine in the summer of '06, but because of family concerns, I put it away for awhile. This new blog is just the incentive to work on it, and I got the box with pattern & fabrics out yesterday. I am really excited to be a part of this group, too. The local Bookstore called yesterday, and said that my Civil War Diaries book has arrived. Will go tomorrow & pick it up. WooHoo! Sure hope that I am not taking on too much. I have just got to learn how to post pictures! I always depend on my daughter or son to do it for me.


Patty said...

I just joined the DJ group too - and also because of family concerns mine got put away too - I think a lot of us are like that - this will be fantastic so we can all work thru the blocks together. Have your kids show you how to do the pic's. If I can do it anyone can.

Cherold said...

I am making DJ blocks too...what group did you join? I've been looking for a group working on DJ blocks.