Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to my Basics

OK, so I've rediscovered quilting. I'm finishing up ufo's I have hidden around here, and have signed on a new project. I've ordered the book "Civil War Quilt Diary" by Rosemary Youngs and will begin making the blocks when it arrives. I've loved the Civil War repro fabrics since I first noticed them and also love the 30's repro fabrics. I began the Dear Jane Civil War quilt blocks a few years ago, but really didn't get too far with them. I am excited about this new project, and will gather up my repro fabrics (when it quits raining) over in my "studio" and can't wait to get started. Did I ever mention that I am a (retired) longarm quilter??

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Anina said...

I saw your comment over at the Dear Baby Jane blog but I don't have an email address for you so I couldn't respond. Of course you can join! I'm adding you to the sidebar.