Monday, April 8, 2013

Civil War quilt blocks

I have been working on the 6 inch quilt blocks from "The Civil War Diaries" book by Rosemary Youngs. I have 36 completed and am now moving on to her other book "The Civil War Love Letter Quilts". I am only making those blocks from each book that interest me (uh, the easy ones). As I complete a block, I put a date on the page of the book. The first date is April 2005, Oops! I hope to finish up these blocks soon, as I have been making 2 or 3 blocks a day. Haven't decided how many I'll need yet.  I have been using solid color fabrics instead of repro prints, just to be different.

On another note, I have decided to stop making Prayer Shawls for the hospital. I will still make some on my own to give away, just not for them. I am instead going back to my "first love"....the watch-cap and scarf project for Seamen's Church Institute in NYC. I began giving items to them in 1990, and enjoyed it very much. The POSTAGE is the only drawback.

The last couple of days have been so wonderfully Spring-like! I saw a small brown bird this morning trying to fly away, carrying something in his beek that looked like quilt batting, or somekind of insulation. He/she was determined! Guess it will insulate the nest.       God Bless!


Ghost said...

your squares are beauuuuuutiful. keep it up.

tammy said...

Hi June,

Happy Spring! Thank you for the BD card, I always enjoy getting one from you. And I love your blocks and the books, a good project and looks like fun. The little bird.... I throw yarn scraps out. I found a nest once that had some of my wool roving lined in it from my spinning yarn outside. Ever since I like to give the birds nest lining too. Love ya,