Monday, November 28, 2011

An Ebay Ripoff

I have been really wanting a large Serta Sheep, ever since I saw one in a local furniture store in Elkin (which has since gone out of business..I did try to buy theirs). Then a blog person I follow got one... a number 20. I told my son about it and he saw one on Ebay. My daughter ordered this number 20 for me for my Christmas present. She paid over $20 for it, so we were sure it was a large one. When it came in to her house over the weekend...yep, you guessed was a small one. Just like the ones I give 50cents for at the Goodwill (when I can find them). I am disappointed, that is true, but mostly I am extremely angry at the person that would mislead someone here at the Holidays. Buyer beware I guess, as for me, I plan to TOTALLY AVOID EBAY. Ho Ho Ho, or maybe Bah Humbug!!

***edited to say that I captured the above photo from the internet, but I do own a 7/10 Serta it two weeks ago at the Goodwill in Winston Salem. Paid 50cents for it. Humph!)


Sue said...

That's too bad about your Ebay purchase. A few years back, my daughter had a tough time with some scrapbooking supplies she bought from a seller. She lost a lot of money in that deal too.
I've never had any problems and when I do buy from them, I always look for those with 100& or near 100& positive feedback. I've never had any problems with doing it that way.

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice:)

Allie said...

Oh BUMMER!!! Be sure to leave feedback, and not positive. Hubby has had some bad experiences on ebay too. Mine were all good, but I haven't shopped there for years now.

Sandie said...

Did the seller misrepresent the item or was the size just not included in the description and you assumed it was the larger size? Usually there is a way to contact the seller with questions. If the seller misled with wrong info, then report them to Ebay.