Monday, April 4, 2011

What I'm Working On

The work in progress above is a green Aran pattern. The yarn is cheap acrylic called green fleck. For my own use, I use acrylic, not because I want to, but because I have a skin disorder & can't comfortably wear wool and alpaca is even worse. I have now finished the front and back & attached one shoulder by three-needle-bind-off. All that is left is neckline ribbing and the two sleeves!! The pattern is by Grandma on the Mountain ( I am also working on, not pictured yet, a Mile-a-Minute Afghan I call Forty Shades of Green using green varigated, mint, and dark greens. The quilt I am working on is also GREEN, but it is a dark green, Hawaiian style, about 50 inches square, in the Breadfruit design (a commercial pattern by Kathy Tsark). I try to keep busy.

(PS. It is supposed to be 82 degrees here today. Snow last Monday, 82 today....go figure!)


Sue said...

June, that is beautiful! I sure wish I could do that. Something I definitely want to learn.

Have a blessed day!

Leslie Shelor said...

That is going to be beautiful! Can you wear cotton? Acrylic doesn't breathe for me and I find it itchier than wool!