Friday, February 11, 2011

February Sock

I have finished the "plain vanilla" socks for February Stash Sock group. I used Happy Feet yarn by Plymouth and size 3 needles. I have really been trying to get back into knitting socks because I have a large stash of sock yarn, but the truth is I HATE KNITTING SOCKS!!! I have to force myself to work on them. I'd rather be doing most anything rather than knitting socks, well, maybe not ironing. Guess I'm just burned out on socks, probably permanently. I have GOT to find another use for sock yarn, any suggestions (other than small shawls)?


Ghost said...

I tried soxs one time. They were just okay, yours are great. both pairs.

Karmen Sunshine said...

I cannot believe it! We even have the same stuffed grey and white kitty!