Friday, November 20, 2009

Scarves for Christmas

I have been working on some loomed scarves for Christmas gifts. There is always a need for a last minute gift, and making these scarves is a bit of a tradition with me. I use my 6 inch scarf loom. I've had it for several years now & have made many scarves on it (both acrylic and hand spun!). I had to use my stuffed kitten "Earl Gray" in the photo, as Shizuku didn't want to be bothered to pose for the photo. She's still not feeling too well this morning. The small quilt in the background is a pepto-bismol pink log cabin star that I recently discovered in my closet. Soon as I finish a project these days, I promptly forget about it. I'm getting old and forgetful. By the way, the Fall Shawl on the Wall in the Hall is still there, unfinished. Good grief, if I don't hurry up & finish won't be Fall anymore. Too many projects, too little time!


Ghost said...

Love it all, the simplicity, colors, stuffed toy, quilt and everything about the photo is just purrrrrfect.

Leslie Shelor said...

Sounds like you're feeling better! Love the scarves!